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Featured Guide: Best Pottery Tools for Hand Building & Throwing

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Raku Pottery: The Ideal Gift
For people looking for that little something, something that's a bit different to give to friends and loved ones as[...]
Rapidfire Pro Kiln Review: The Best Kiln for Your Dollar?
Choosing and buying your first kiln can be a daunting task. Purchasing one online can be even more difficult because[...]
Pottery Reborn
It all points to the ancient crafts, of skills once forgotten, skills that - driven by a desire for authenticity[...]
US Art Supply LARGE 12″ Diameter Sculpting Wheel Review
A sculpting wheel is an important tool for any potter. It allows you to focus on creating a beautiful piece[...]
Skilled Crafter Clay Tools Set Review
When you’re new to pottery, choosing the right tools and supplies can be overwhelming, if not expensive. In fact, if[...]
Makin’s Professional Ultimate Clay Machine Review
A clay machine is a perfect tool to make even and flat sheets of polymer clay. It’s also able to[...]

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