Skilled Crafter Clay Tools Set Review

When you’re new to pottery, choosing the right tools and supplies can be overwhelming, if not expensive. In fact, if you’ve done your research regarding this medium, then the odds are you’ve probably gone a little overboard and you have more tools and supplies than you know what to do with. Unfortunately, most pottery starter kits are full of random pottery tools that most beginners won’t use until they’ve reached a higher skill level.

This set, designed by Skilled Crafter is packed with all of the basic pottery tools that both beginners and pros rely on, each and every time they sculptor throw. Offered at a reasonable price, you’ll be able to get started throwing, trimming, and sculpting in no time, even if you’re on a tight budget.

Quick Tip: This Skilled Crafter clay tools set includes everything you need for modeling, sculpting, and throwing. The tools are made from fine grain, smooth quality ginkgo wood and are light, smooth, and offer and comfortable feel.

Skilled Crafter Clay Tools Set Rundown & Features

Skilled Crafter Pottery Tools

Skilled Crafter Pottery Tools

Not only does this set come with twenty-two pottery tools, but you’ll also get a free user guide that’s available for download immediately after purchase.

This set features twenty-eight unique tool sizes and shapes that are perfect for scribing, smoothing, detailing, shaping, scraping, and cutting your clay, allowing you to truly get creative and produce impressive results.

The ginkgo wood is lightweight and features a natural finish. These tools are also easy to maintain and comfortable to hold.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get inside this package:

  • One six inch double ended tool for detailing
  • Eight, eight inch uniquely shaped double ended tools such as a half-round, bullnose, curved, point, skew, and serrated.
  • One aluminum needle tool
  • Seven ball stylus tools
  • One round stick
  • Clay hole cutter
  • Wire end tool heavy-duty grade
  • One double wire end
  • Paddle
  • Rib
  • Toggle
  • Metal scraper-serrated
  • Wire clay cutter
  • Buffer block

The cutting wire is one of the most commonly used tools in pottery.

It’s often used to separate smaller pieces of clay from a large block in smooth, clean cuts. It also comes in handy when a certain amount of clay is needed when you’re making a number of pots or sculptures that are the same shape and size.

A cutting wire can also be used when throwing to create a flat and even top to a piece, or if you want to remove a newly thrown pot from the potter’s wheel. This wire consists of a piece of flexible wire that’s connected to the wooden handles placed on each end.

This set also comes with a couple of ribbon tools, which are designed for fine detail work. These tools are small, equipped with the smooth ginkgo handles. The handles allow for a firm grip, even when your hands are wet.

You’ll also find one rib in this set. The rib is a specially shaped piece of wood that will allow you to uniformly shape your piece.

Skilled Crafter Double Edged Pottery Tools

Skilled Crafter Double Edged Pottery Tools

The eight double-ended tools are made out of flattened gingko wood and feature sharpened edges.

Skilled Crafter Double Edged Pottery Tools

These tools are mainly used to trim the bases of pots when you’re throwing, but they can also be used to hollow out handmade pieces, especially when sculpting.

The included tools are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes and will probably end up being one of the most used tools in this kit.

This set comes with one long needle, and it’s designed to provide a precise, clean, smooth cut. This tool works perfectly for detailing sculptures or when you need to make a precise cut when you’re throwing.

  • The metal scraper is one of the most basic tools that every potter relies on. This tool is perfect for chopping, scraping, moving, smoothing, pressing, refining, and texturing.
  • The included wooden paddle is designed for paddling hard clay in order to soften it for sculpting.
  • The seven stylus tools can be used for decorating techniques done by applying layers of color to pottery, then removing some of the colors by scratching off portions of the layer in order to create patterns, contrasting images, and texture. These tools are incredibly useful when adding decorations or impressions.
  • The clay hole cutter offers an easier method for cutting out clean holes in wet clay.
  • The buffer block works to smooth the clay, or change and refine texture.

Pottery Tool Kit Pros & Cons

Potter Working with Detailing Tool

Potter Working with Detailing Tool

Pros: Most potters can agree that these tools are able to perform way beyond expectation.

  • They’re the perfect choice for the intermediate or advanced user.
  • The wide assortment of trimming, sculpting, and throwing tools allows you to get more creative in your studio, adding detail, and making precision cuts, and all for a reasonable price.
  • The free user guide is perfect for beginners who have little to no experience with pottery.
  • The guide does a great job of explaining what each of the tools is designed for and capable of.

If you’re shopping around for a new potter’s wheel, consumers who purchased this pottery supplies set highly recommend the Makin’s Professional Ultimate Clay Machine, which can be a great addition to your studio.

Cons: The tools in this set are made from quality materials, but overall, the tools themselves may not be the best fit for the beginner.

Pottery Tool Set Conclusion & Rating

Skilled Crafter Detailing Tools

Skilled Crafter Detailing Tools

This set is packed with the most basic, yet widely used tools in the pottery world. Each piece will offer a ton of convenience to every project.

The fact that the set is priced so low is obviously a huge selling point for consumers, but what’s more surprising is the fact that each piece is made with quality, precision, and usability in mind.

We love that the manufacturer also offers a ninety-day money back guarantee, which shows us the manufacturer stands behind their products.

Consumers who purchased this set gave it a rating of five out of five stars for quality, versatility, and pricing.

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